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YELLOW co-founders Ian Mirmelstein and Darren Marble have been CURRENTLY NOT DRINKING ETC. for 15+ years collectively and reaping the benefits in every area of their lives.

In 2017, Ian pioneered the advertising industry’s first networking group for non-drinkers in an industry famous for “three-martini lunches” and Don Draper. 

Ian met Darren, an entrepreneur who credits CURRENTLY NOT DRINKING ETC. as a key to his success. Together they imagined what the world might look like if anyone who was CURRENTLY NOT DRINKING ETC. had a way to easily connect in everyday life.

The idea for YELLOW was born.


The color yellow has a rich history of identifying and unifying non-drinking communities. At Grateful Dead concerts dating back decades, the fans who didn’t drink identified themselves with yellow balloons and stickers. Now “Yellow Balloon Groups” are mainstays in the live music scene. Today at Lambeau Field where the Green Bay Packers NFL franchise plays there is “Section Yellow” set-aside for non-drinking fans.

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Ian & Darren

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