What Is YELLOW? Co-Founders Discuss The Brand And Its Conception

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Watch as YELLOW co-founders discuss how they imagined what the world might look like if anyone who was Currently Not Drinking had a way to easily connect in everyday life, bringing this concept to reality through the agreement that the Currently Not Drinking community deserved a symbol of pride. From conception to execution, the founders run through their inspiration, drive and dreams for YELLOW and the community they’re bringing out into the light through the life they are so passionate about: The YELLOW Life.


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Ian Mirmelstein  0:00 

YELLOW is the first of its kind brand for anyone who’s Currently Not Drinking. And we just feel like this community is growing. There’s so many signs, brands like this, brands like Töst, and many, many others coming into the space servicing this community. And I think everyone in this community is just so happy about the life we live without alcohol. And, you know, we’re gonna continue to do more things like this and support brands like Töst.

Darren Marble  0:28 

And we’re really, you know, even as a co-founder of that company, I’m honored to be a part of this business, I think there’s such an undercurrent and a need for a brand that can really be all encompassing, and inviting people into the YELLOW lifestyle, a global community, for anyone who’s Currently Not Drinking. It’s been such an integral part of my life and Ian’s life. I’ve been Not Drinking for seven and going on eight years. And I talk about it very openly. And I think that’s actually becoming more common now in the culture. It used to be a little bit taboo. You know, even people would be scared to say they’re not drinking or they’re sober. People make assumptions you get labeled. Some of those words are, you know, they’re loaded words. But the truth is that living a Not Drinking lifestyle has all kinds of tremendous benefits, health, wellness, clarity, focus, ability to be productive, and to be your best self. And I show up every day, being my best self. And there’s others like that. And we’re finding these people day by day, week by week, and now you’ve got celebrities and influencers who are talking about the benefits of a Currently Not Drinking lifestyle. So it’s fun! We’re really enjoying the moment here.

Ian Mirmelstein  1:44 

It’s been a process, like, this community is so big… It’s like a rainbow. You know, there’s so many hues of Currently Not Drinking. I mean, I am sober. I consider myself sober. But there is, you know, that is not the total community. So, when we came up with Currently Not Drinking, I think that was like a really, that was like an aha moment. It’s like this is our tagline, Currently Not Drinking. It’s not about why it’s not about the path that brought you here. It’s just about this lifestyle that you’ve chosen for today, today, Currently Not Drinking today. And you know, what does that mean? It means a lot, and it opens up a lot across so many areas. So this is a really rich space. And these non alcoholic beverages are like one facet of it. But it’s, you know, I don’t know about you, man. But this decision has impacted my business life, more than I ever thought it would like my ability to be present with people to connect with people might like the way that you and I met, just like finding other people that are Currently Not Drinking in business has been amazing, like this networking community of ours is really, it’s been very really fruitful.

Darren Marble  2:53 

Totally agree. I think, for me, not drinking has allowed me to focus my time and energy on the things that are most important to me, my family, my friends, and my businesses. I run several companies. And I was a struggling entrepreneur for years until I quit drinking. And since I stopped drinking, my businesses have literally taken off. And this is the next business that will take off and there’s a global community out there. It’s not just me and Ian, you know, you’re watching this video for a reason. Join us! Join the YELLOW community. It’s a non-judgmental, it’s a safe place… Whether you’re not drinking for a day, four days, a year, 10 years, we want this to be a very inclusive brand, as Ian said. And whatever your reasons are, those are the right reasons. Taking a break and you know, dry January? Amazing. Come on in. We want this to be an all inclusive brand. So I have a question for you about YELLOW, we’re both wearing the YELLOW merch here’s the insignia. What is this? What is this? How did you come up with it?

Ian Mirmelstein  4:00 

Yeah. Well, it’s purposely ambiguous, right? I mean, it’s something that I get all the time… People ask, what is that? Is it? Is it a cup is it you know, and it is, it’s like, I think the, the, what we what we tried to create was something that was really bold, that had some had a lot of meanings. I mean, it kind of looks like a person you know, right? It looks like a cup…like the cup of life! Like our cup is full. It’s a ‘Y’ is what it is. Right? Cheers man.

Darren Marble  4:38 

Purposely ambiguous. I like that. Well, you’re in the club. I’m in the club.

Ian Mirmelstein  4:43 

And it’s, you know, it’s eye-catching, it’s bold. It’s something that people are interested in. ‘What is that?’ And I think that’s like the best brands that I love are like that! They have a subtle but bold brand. An image icon and, you know, I think that people want to wear that and, you know, I can’t wait for the day when this community is as big as we know it’s going to be and anyone that’s Currently Not Drinking is reppin YELLOW and walking down the street and seeing each other and just having that instant connection.

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