Read About These 4 Female Executives Shocking Secrets to Success

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There is no shortage of advice out there about how to advance your career – stay late, speak up in meetings, network. While those methods have their place, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper. At a time when work-life balance is more compromised than ever, maybe the relationship between the living room and the board room are closer than we think. Let’s look at four successful businesswomen and how their decision of Currently Not Drinking has transformed their lives and careers.

Choosing Her Best Self

Anna Livermore, Founder of V. Mora

Anna Livermore is a self-made success. Anna spent years studying the ins and outs of the fashion world. After completing her Fashion and Apparel Design degree at Columbia College she worked as a buyer for Bazar Boutique. She fine-tuned her fashion acumen and built an expansive network of connections. Finally, in 2008 she launched V. Mora, a fashion consulting and development company, from her Chicago apartment. As a one-woman-team, she served as the fabric sourcer, sample sewer, and sew product consultant on top of being the president and CEO. Anna had a vision to use her expertise to help launch designers’ careers by offering them the priceless insight and tailored assistance the fashion industry had never supplied before. V. Mora has rapidly expanded from its flagship headquarters in Chicago to include offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In addition to these successes, Ana has just launched her photo studio and acquired a prop business, Swift Studios and Prop Workshop. At just 39 years old, Anna has accomplished more in her career than most people twice her age – so what is her secret to success?

In the early days of V. Mora, Anna dedicated herself to making her company a success. When Anna was reflecting on what else she could be doing to reach her goals, she said, “It dawned on me that if I wanted to become successful and have control over my life, I had to eliminate everything that was having a negative impact on me.”

Anna identified that alcohol was one of the major factors negatively affecting her progress. From then on, Anna made the conscious decision to reach for a healthier lifestyle and is Currently Not Drinking. The results were profound. When asked how switching to an alcohol-free lifestyle has affected her path, Anna notes, “It’s been a journey, but since I’ve stopped drinking I’ve had the opportunity to meet remarkable people, have unique experiences, and explore the world. Which in turn has opened up a lot of doors for me to have more success in my career and a more prosperous life in general. Today, with what feels like an entire lifetime of experiences, I’m adequately operating multiple companies, employees, and miscellaneous endeavors. The relationships I have with friends are supportive, my employees embrace me as their mentor, and overall, I’m happy with my life which is what’s most important.”

By Currently Not Drinking, Anna has been able to focus on her goals and relationships – both personal and professional. Her connections with others have deepened and gained new meaning. She has been able to be present with her employees and foster an environment of growth and positivity that has directly translated to V. Mora’s success. Due to her alcohol-free lifestyle, Anna has been able to dive into all of the experiences the world has to offer. By taking charge of her lifestyle, Anna has created a life that is bursting at the seams with meaningful relationships and booming success.

Becoming Her Best Self

Geri Page Butner, Founder and Business Coach at Geri Paige, LLC

Geri Page Butner is a marketing savant hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. She is a true success story, as she climbed her way up the corporate ladder from Communications Coordinator to the Head of Marketing, but Geri was not ready to stop there. After years of building knock-out brands and launching startups, she was ready to leave behind the 9 to 5 hustle and head out on her own. In 2020, she established Geri Page, LLC – her own business coaching and consulting firm.  

However, like all great stories of triumph, Geri admits she hit some bumps along the way. Her career established a “…culture of drinking that was so pervasive in both my professional and personal life that it seemed completely out of the question that I’d ever be able to give it up without missing out.”

Admittedly, she knew alcohol was not for her. She had a low tolerance for it, detested the hangovers, and was left physically and mentally depleted after imbibing. Geri was already interested in the concept of Currently Not Drinking when she started experiencing mysterious health issues. After a seemingly endless string of doctors’ visits, Geri knew she had to start taking exceptional care of herself. On January 1, 2019, Geri made the conscious decision to go alcohol-free for three months in addition to switching to a plant-based diet and limiting caffeine. At first, it was an experiment to see if she could still enjoy her social life while secretly sipping on seltzer waters. She quickly discovered that people barely noticed and she could still have a good time with the added bonus of skipping the hangover and hefty check. 

After her experiment, Geri was inspired to permanently change her lifestyle and made not drinking her norm. When asked how this shift changed her life, Geri said, “I improved my health both mentally and physically, protected my mornings from hangovers, and was inspired to seek out fun hobbies and events that didn’t center around drinking.”

She now had the time, energy, and mental clarity to fearlessly pursue her entrepreneurial efforts and developed her signature The Business Firestarter framework. Geri has expanded her business to include digital courses and speaking events which have helped small businesses skyrocket to success.

If you are inspired by Geri’s story and are also considering switching to an alcohol-free lifestyle, Geri advises, “I live this sober-curious lifestyle because it’s what’s best for me. I think the most important thing is to be mindful about why you drink, take notice of how it affects you, and empower yourself to make the choices that work for you.”

Living as Her Best Self

Meg Biron, Global Media Technology Manager at Google

With over 13 years of experience in the online marketing industry, Meg Biron has spent her career leading teams, partnering with clients, and collaborating with technology vendors to drive product development. Now the Global Media Technology Manager at Google, Meg attributes her success to focusing all her energy on the spaces that matter.

“All the energy I used up thinking about my relationship with alcohol (that little voice in your head) is now put into so many wonderful things – family, health, and mindfulness. For anyone struggling as I did, it gets better. It gets way better,” Meg told YELLOW.

By living The YELLOW Life, Meg has been able to keep up the fiery drive that has propelled her to the top of her field. The technology field changes by the minute, and Meg has poised herself to stay agile. With the help of her healthier lifestyle, Meg is able to build prosperous communities within organizations and fearlessly lead them through digital transformations that propel them into the future. Meg shares, “Over the past 5 years without alcohol, I have come back to myself – my true self who I love and am quite proud. I now have a stable foundation and can flex with the things life throws at me from that place instead of shaky ground fueled by alcohol. I am more present with my daughter and the people I love. I am enjoying my job and looking forward to the future with clarity, hope, and an open heart.⁣⁣”

Embracing Her Best Self

Nicole Stein, Global Strategic Account Executive at Microsoft

For years, Nicole Stein has been at the helm of corporations’ digital transformation. She started her career in advertising developing major brands and leading marketing efforts for organizations such as McCann-Erickson and Grey Worldwide. She then diversified her expertise with consultative selling and building strategic partnerships at The Weather Channel and Yahoo!.  Nicole continued to expand her career through leadership roles and management positions at Demand Media, Videology, and IBM Watson Advertising.  Most recently, Nicole has pivoted her talents to the world of Enterprise where she is driving global strategic partnerships at Microsoft to help her clients digitally and culturally transform their organizations and adapt to the ever-changing landscape by empowering the companies and employees to achieve more through technology.  

With a demanding career in an ever-evolving industry, Nicole is Currently Not Drinking.  She explained at one point in her career, it was important to, “…take a step back in order to be able to move forward.”

Nicole shared, “I wasn’t living life; I was drowning in it rather than embracing what life has to offer.”  She continued by explaining, “It’s important for me to embrace all of who I am – the good, the bad and everything in between in order to be my authentic self  – for me, my children, my friends, my work, my career and all that comes my way.”
Nicole states that she is now on a personal journey to own all of who she is and bring her best self to everything she does. Nicole shares, “Today, my life is about living with clear intentions, being fully present in mind and body, approaching life with gratitude and being true to who I am.”

Living The YELLOW Life has allowed Nicole to embrace all of who she is and bring her best self to everything she does. In addition to leading organizations into the future through AI/ML, mixed reality, cloud-based solutions, SaaS/PaaS platforms, and secure technology, Nicole makes time to give back by coaching the girl’s middle school basketball team, doing community service with her children, and finding time to embrace “a life worth living” whereby she thrives in her career, at home and within herself.

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