These Executives Share Their Super Power in Business and How It Changed the Trajectory of Their Careers

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It can feel like we are sweating our way up the corporate ladder with no end in sight. LinkedIn gurus seem to have an equally endless list of ways to help; take this course, read this book, attend this conference. Are there enough hours in the day to fit in all the incessant career coaching?

What if we told you one of the best ways to bolster your career is not something you start doing, but something you stop? We talked to three businessmen about the key to their success, and all of them cited their decision to switch to an alcohol-free lifestyle as a crucial turning point in their careers. If you have been considering making the switch yourself, keep reading for some inspiration on how a simple choice of Not Drinking changes everything. 

Ian Mirmelstein

Co-Founder, YELLOW

Senior Executive in Media, Content & Ad-Tech at Comcast

For 20 years, Ian Mirmelstein has launched products for media tycoons such as Microsoft, AT&T, and Comcast. Ian has managed teams that sit at the very precipice of innovation, transforming the world as we know it. Competing in the cut-throat sales world of New York City has required Ian to stay sharp, savvy, and one step ahead.

However, at a time in Ian’s past, part of staying on top not only meant managing assets, but also managing a social agenda. At the peak of Ian’s need for change, happy hour drinks and alcohol-fuelled schmoozing were more prominent than ever. Frustrated, and trying to keep up, the pace of Ian’s lifestyle began to take a toll on his mental and physical health.

Before he knew it, the environments he found himself in and the alcohol he was consuming were not only affecting himself but also his relationships and career. So how could he get back ahead?

Ian says it hit him: “…the margin of error in business is slim. Any advantage is meaningful.”

After this realization, Ian found his advantage in 2014 when he began Not Drinking. Since then, Ian has nurtured his relationships with his children, found love, continued excelling in his career, and even realized his purpose. In 2020, Ian co-founded YELLOW, where he and YELLOW’s co-founder, Darren Marble, created the pride symbol for the Currently Not Drinking community.

By Currently Not Drinking, Ian has given himself the, “…advantage of clarity, presence, health, and connection with others.” He continues to note the difference in his relationships, both personally and professionally, “Now, there is nothing else but me and the person I am with.” 

Ian’s healthier lifestyle has allowed him to be fully present in everything he does – both at home and in the office.

The added enrichment of meaningful relationships and fulfilling work comes from, Ian says, “…a level of ME that is only possible because I am Currently Not Drinking”. 

Darren Marble 

Co-Founder, YELLOW

Executive Producer of Going Public

CEO at Issuance

Darren Marble, a serial entrepreneur whose resumé is a laundry list of business venture after business venture, has operated in technology, marketing, finance, investing, and even football. You name it, Darren Marble has done it. It would be easy to look at his wins and chalk it up to Darren being one of those people who simply cannot miss, but Darren would tell you differently.

Once, Darren had an unhealthy relationship with drinking that caused him to be irritable, undisciplined, unfocused, and unfulfilled. At this time, he looked up and realized a past start-up he co-founded was struggling to survive. Darren came to the chilling realization that his drinking was standing in the way of his success and he had to make a change. 

Darren chose to overhaul his lifestyle and began Not Drinking on October 13, 2013. The impact was almost immediate. Darren describes that he was more focused and more motivated to succeed than ever, and credits his entrepreneurial success to his decision of Currently Not Drinking.

Darren explains that in business, the odds are against you. Once he began questioning what he could do to increase his odds of success, he found that Not Drinking was the best personal and professional way to succeed. Since his decision to start Not Drinking, Darren’s career has skyrocketed to new heights. In addition to co-founding YELLOW, Darren currently runs two companies and is the Executive Producer of Going Public®, a new original series that allows viewers to invest in IPOs and featured deals while they watch. 

By taking hold of the reins of his health, Darren has been able to, “…channel all energy, focus, intelligence, and skill into deal-making.”

The fulfillment from his career has poured over into every aspect of his life. Today, Darren claims that the wasted weekends of his past are behind him. Each and every day is incredible and he wakes up excited for what is next. 

Trevor Hamilton

Advertising Technology Executive – CTV / OTT

Trevor Hamilton made a name for himself in the digital advertising technology world when he built sales strategies and operations, often from the ground up, for tech companies in New York City. Along with this, Trevor shares he had also made a name for himself in the New York social scene. Trevor explains, “…working in media and advertising is a very social industry. I was having a few drinks here and a few more drinks there.”

However, as work ramped up and his family grew, Trevor’s social calendar didn’t clear out. At a time, Trevor found himself out between 5 and 6 nights every week. Trevor says he felt he was starting to, “…run out of gas mentally and spiritually…,” and was lacking a true presence within his family and at work.

Trevor shares that his mental health was not the only casualty of his lifestyle, as Trevor began battling extreme fatigue, stopped exercising, and was almost 35 pounds overweight. Soon enough, Trevor started looking for answers on how to get his life back on track. 

That answer came from a fateful encounter with YELLOW co-founder Ian Mirmelstein. Trevor found himself inspired by Ian’s journey and effervescent outlook on life. After this meeting, Trevor wasted no time turning his life around. Trevor updated his status to Currently Not Drinking and immediately began working on his physical health. A few of his first actions included switching to a plant-based diet and incorporating fitness into his lifestyle.

Since stepping into an alcohol-free life, Trevor has run the past two New York City marathons, five half marathons, adopted a yoga practice, and lost over 30 pounds. Trevor credits his alcohol-free lifestyle for giving him, “focus, clarity, and love for being present for all of the blessings life brings me every day.”

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