3 Changes You’ll Notice While Taking a Break from Alcohol

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Making the switch to an alcohol-free mindset releases you to pursue the friendships, hobbies, and lifestyle of your choosing. Curious yet? A great way to ease into Currently Not Drinking is by taking a short break from alcohol. This break allows you to get an idea of how your new routine could look as well as gives you a sneak peek into some of our favorite perks. Speaking of perks, here are 3 you will notice while taking a break from alcohol…

Having A Clearer Head

Your mind is a motherboard; it controls your speech, holds your memories, and tells your body how to function. The brain is physically and metaphorically at the center of everything you do. You need to keep your head in peak performance mode to excel in your career, have a flourishing social life, and maintain your physical and mental health. Your brain is what makes you uniquely you. A great example of someone thriving in her peak performance is Brooke Roney, who is Currently Not Drinking.

When asked what the biggest change has been since adopting her healthier lifestyle, Brooke stated, “I wake up ready to take on the day with a clear head, not a foggy one. When life gets stressful I read, I write, I connect – with friends, family & myself.”

Without mind-altering substances, Brooke is able to seamlessly navigate through her days. She wakes up ready to connect with the world around her. Additionally, taking a break from alcohol gives your brain time to heal. During your break, you will regain important tools for your personal and professional life such as:

  • Improved short-term and long-term memory
  • Stronger impulse control
  • Faster decision-making
  • More stable moods
  • Renewed motivation
  • Improved motor function
  • Clearer, more rational thought processes, and
  • Quicker reaction times

Finding Your Passions

While taking a break from drinking, you will notice that time spent at happy hour is now open real estate. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can easily creep into our leisure time. But now, your schedule is wide open to rediscover your old passions and dive into new ones. Dust off that bike you used to love to ride. Buy a paint kit and follow a tutorial on YouTube. Sign up for a cooking class. Start crossing items off of your bucket list. Not only is this a chance for you to develop new skills but it also provides an opportunity for you to connect with your family and friends in new ways. Swapping out happy hour for a spin class gives you and your best friend a new way to bond that benefits you both. 

When Trevor Hamilton decided to adopt an alcohol-free lifestyle, he saw it as an opportunity to pursue one of his lifelong goals – running a marathon. He traded in his nightcaps for Nikes and dedicated himself to training. Since then, Trevor has run the New York City Marathon (twice!), five half-marathons, picked up yoga, and lost 30 pounds! While his physical accomplishments are awe-inspiring, Trevor says the biggest benefit he has seen from his alcohol-free lifestyle is, having “…focus and clarity and (he) love(s) being present for all of the blessings life brings every day.”

After a long workday and battling to keep up with your social circles, it can feel like there is not enough time or energy left to pursue a hobby. However, lack of passion leaves us numb to the world. You will discover that exploring the activities you always wanted to “once you found time” will leave you feeling beyond refreshed.

Experiencing a Brighter Mind – It’s Science!

Scientifically, alcohol is a depressant. For a brighter mindset, there are quite literally chemicals your body needs. For example, serotonin is that wonderful chemical that makes us feel happy. Alcohol causes a short, temporary spike in serotonin levels, but over time it is actually diminishing our levels of serotonin. Depleted serotonin levels cause symptoms of depression such as fatigue, apathy, and sadness. 

Another vital chemical is dopamine, which is closely tied to our brain’s reward system and is responsible for us feeling pleasure. Alcohol throws off dopamine production. When you drink, your body experiences a massive rush of dopamine. While this may sound like a good thing, it is actually changing our threshold. Therefore, our bodies are going to require more and more dopamine to feel the same levels of pleasure that we used to. Unsteady dopamine levels have been linked to exasperating mental health issues and can lead to unstable moods. 

Along with all these scientific reasons for taking a break, the hangover alcohol leaves behind can be a powerful source of anxiety and stress. Altogether, alcohol creates a breeding ground for poor mental health and as we all know, poor mental health has a ripple effect that touches every aspect of our lives. Our relationships, careers, and quality of life can all be soured if we are not proactive about protecting our mental health. 

Moving Onto Brighter Days

Remember, as we mentioned, alcohol is scientifically a depressant. Meaning, when you remove alcohol from the equation, your body begins to restore itself. As your serotonin and dopamine levels regulate, your mood and your mind start to feel like their better selves.

Brighter days are achievable, and sometimes through the smallest shifts in your day-to-day. By helping your body feel its best, you’ve automatically increased your chances of an improved lifestyle. Once you test an alcohol free diet, you’ll notice Not Drinking will allow you to breathe easier, think brighter, and fearlessly take the reins on the life you’re living.

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