How Our Team is Staying in Peak Performance This Summer

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It is summertime and, friends, the living is easy! Summer is a season of jumping into cool pools and feeling the sunshine on our skin; that is why it is also a season of self-care. Here at YELLOW, we value our bodies as we strive and thrive in clean living.

For us to be our best, our bodies need to be at their best too.

Our team has compiled a list of our secret weapons that we credit for our superpowers. Now, we want to share these (soon-to-not-be) secret weapons with our entire YELLOW community so we can all revel in this summer’s success. 

1. Home Gym Workouts:

Tonal lets us bring the gym right into our living rooms! It combines all of the equipment you need in one, compact unit that is also your personal trainer. Tonal took all of the guesswork out of planning our workouts and eliminated any excuses for not getting our daily workouts in. The Center for Disease Control suggests that daily exercise helps cognitive brain function, promotes a positive self-image, and fends off dangerous diseases – and we agree! Carving out a set period of time each day to focus on improving ourselves helps us feel ready to take on the world. 

2. Morning Yoga: 

Starting our days with morning yoga on the porch sets the tone for the entire day. Down Dog is the perfect app if you are also looking to add yoga into your daily routine. You can select your type of workout, duration, and skill level. The high level of customization ensures you are getting the most out of your workout and stay motivated to continue on! 

3. Running with Rover:

We encourage you to spend time with your best friends – especially (wo)man’s best friend! Our dogs need to stay on top of their game too so we like to bring them along. Stunt Runner is a must-have for when we take our dogs running with us. The lightweight leash design does not drag us down and the bungee cord allows our dogs to have their own sense of freedom [even if they are always close by!]. The best part is the hands-free design is convenient and safe. Taking your dog for daily walks is important for their physical health, mental stimulation, and behavioral training. Plus, we never pass up a spare minute to bond with our fur babies!

4. Exercise with Equinox:

We are massive Equinox fans. Equinox has some of the most iconic workout instructors that keep us moving and motivating. Even better, Equinox gives us the flexibility to work out from home or in one of their immersive classes. Also, the app tracks our progress so we can keep crushing our goals.

5. Some Sick Kicks: 

If this summer is going to keep us on our toes, we better get some great shoes. These New Generation Cloudflows are our top choice. They are designed for speed and comfort. It’s not just us who love them, Mother Earth does too! These sneakers are made from 70% recycled materials. These shoes help us look good and feel good about it.

6. Taking a Hike: 

After being cooped up all year, this summer we are craving the great outdoors. Avenza Maps clues us into the best hiking and biking trails around. They have compiled maps from National Geographic, National Park Service, and even the US Forest Service. This app also provides GPS for those of us who may be a little directionally challenged. 

7. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: 

To stay operating at our peak performance, we also need to stay connected. Blue light emitted from our devices can interrupt our sleep and strain our eyes. To keep us headache-free and on our game, we enlist the help of blue light blocking glasses. Amazon has plenty of affordable options that allow you to match your glasses to your outfit du jour. Sometimes looking our best and feeling our best go hand in hand. 

We have committed to keeping our health and wellness our top priority. When we are operating at full speed, we can help others do the same. Now that we have shared our peak performance tools with you, we want to hear from you! What products do we need to have the best summer ever? What apps can you not believe we have been living without? Tag us in your post and you could be featured next! 

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