I’m Austin Cooper

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Meet the Creator of Sober Evolution on Instagram

• Name: Austin Cooper
• Age: 32
• Hometown: Columbus, OH
• Location: Tampa, FL
• “Currently Not Drinking” Status: Sober

I have been in recovery since April 10, 2013. I am the creator of “Sober Evolution” on Instagram which is geared towards inspiring people who are struggling with addiction.

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and at the age of 15 I started drinking alcohol and using drugs in order to mask my low self-esteem. It quickly became an addiction and my priorities in life became drugs and alcohol.

After years of consequences and broken relationships, I was offered an opportunity to go to treatment. I decided to face my fears and explore the possibility of turning my life around.

With determination, I studied everything that I could in regards to staying sober and building my life back up. Through hard work and drastic life changes, I was able to learn how to enjoy life in recovery. I began meeting the right kind of people and doing the right things.

Once I grasped the principles of recovery, I decided to figure out how to inspire people to do the same. In 2016 I started Sober Evolution on Instagram where my own stories seemed to help others walk a similar path.

Sober Evolution blew up on Instagram and eventually turned into a web page, then a business, and now a well-known brand within the world of recovery.

I have been sober for over 7 years – I can safely say today that one of the best parts of being in recovery is getting to share my experiences and hope with those who are in need.

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