I’m Michael Ralph

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• Name: Michael Ralff
• Age: 58
• Hometown: Kingston, NY
• Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
• “Currently Not Drinking” Status: Life is better without it

Way back when I was a senior in college, my roommate and I decided to celebrate the end of our college career. I won’t go into the details of how much I drank that night because I don’t really remember. I vaguely remember my roommate and his girlfriend picking me up off the lawn in front of our apartment later that night. But I clearly remember walking into my music lesson the following morning smelling and looking like death, and the look of horror on my teacher’s face when I arrived.

That was my turning point to see that I should not be drinking and that my life is better off without it.

There have been times when I tried to drink again, but I keep coming back to the truth that drinking is not for me, it’s against me.

It runs counter to all the things that I want to do with whatever time I have left, it runs counter to my higher purpose, which is: the world needs more art, now.

As a performer, I am frequently around folks who come to see me in the context of a night out to party. They offer me drinks to share in their party, and I respectfully decline, because I know it’s not for me.

I am Currently Not Drinking.

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