I’m Susie Quattrocchi

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Meet Susie Quattrocchi

• Name: Susie Quattrocchi⁣
• Age: 31
• Hometown: Wanaque, NJ
• Location: Berkeley, CA
• “Currently Not Drinking” Status: Sober

I quit drinking for good on August 4, 2017. The road that led me to that day was long and full of obstacles. There were many times when I swore off alcohol only to pick it back up again leaving me in what felt like an abusive relationship with a substance. ⁣

Now I realize that enjoying life to the absolute fullest without alcohol is freedom.  It was hard for me to imagine having a fun or exciting life if I were to completely stop drinking.⁣

I made some sober friends who showed me that coming into who I really do not mean I have to give up things I love like concerts and traveling…quite the opposite! ⁣

From lantern festivals and snorkeling in Thailand to dancing with my friends at Burning Man, I’ve managed to do it all with a sober smile on my face, a sound mind, and a heart filled with gratitude.⁣

I would not trade the life I have today for anything in the world, especially alcohol. ⁣

#theyellowlife #currentlynotdrinking #notdrinking #nondrinker #sobercurious #sober

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