I’m Trevor Hamilton

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• Name: Trevor Hamilton
• Age: 50
• Location: Morristown, NJ
• “Currently Not Drinking” Status: Sober-serious

I made the decision to stop drinking on May 28th, 2017. I’ve always been a highly social and fun-loving person. I maintained a busy social calendar over the years full of live music and festivals. I earned a Varsity letter in partying and lived a life that was full of countless good times.

As I got serious about my career, married the love of my life, and started a family, I still managed to keep up the social calendar against which the weeks were generally full of events and parties. I work in media and advertising which is a very social industry – I was having a few drinks here, a few more drinks there, to the point where most weeks included 5-6 nights of intake.

As life progressed, I started to run out of gas mentally and spiritually, I realized I lacked presence with my family and focus with my work…not to mention the fact I wasn’t exercising and was a solid 35 pounds over my ideal weight. I was tired all.the.time.

I had the good fortune of meeting Ian Mirmelstein in the Spring of 2017 and he shared his journey and a new organization he created called Sober Execs in Advertising, Media & Marketing. I just fell in love with his perspective on life and how positive he was in so many important aspects of life that I knew I was lacking.

I made a commitment to stop drinking in May 2017 and have not looked back. I changed my diet, no beef/chicken/pork in 3 years – plant-based meat products rock! I’ve run the past two NYC Marathons, five half marathons, adopted a yoga practice and lost that 30 pounds. I have focus and clarity and love being present for all of the blessings life brings me every day.

The power of decision in life should never be overlooked – and I am very grateful I made the right one and I will proudly sport my YELLOW pin!

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